Candle Exhaustion

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Option 1: Light a match from a lit candle from 3-4m away using wooden staves.
Option 2: Team splits into two and must collaborate to light a candle between them using wooden staves and a match, while remaining 6 meters apart.


staves, rope, matches (not safety), candles
Option 2: All of the above, plus a brick and a piece of sand paper.


Option 1: The team have to lash together several staves, attach an unlit match to the end, light a candle and then try to light the match from the candle (far easier than having to put a new match on ever few seconds because its blown out!). First team whose matches lights up wins!

Option 2: The team is split in two: one half has the candle, the other half the matches, both sides have staves. The teams stand 6 meters apart with a brick on the floor in the middle between them. The brick has sand paper attached to it.
Each team lashes their staves together: the candle team lash the candle to end of their staves and the matches team lash a match to the end of their staves.
The candle team must get the candle to the brick while the matches team must strike the match on the sandpaper and light the candle.
First team whose matches lights up wins!


  • fire
  • knots and lashings
  • lashings
  • team building

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