GGNZ Joining Ceremony Ideas

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Ideas for Pippin Joining Ceremonies started by the GGNZ Programme Team. Please add your ideas for joining ceremonies here.
Thanks to Pippin Leaders who shared some of these ideas on the GGNZ Pippin Leaders Facebook Group


As suggested by the instructions


1: Hopscotch with a part of the Pippin saying on each square
2: Waterslide
3: Obstacle course
4: With an apple tree, green, red, silver, gold ribbons with joining badges attached. An older pippin takes a new pippin to find her streamer.
5: Around a theme - Easter, Christmas, Unicorns, flowers, over the rainbow,
6: Special path made from a large box flattened down and decorated to look like a cobblestone path. On some 'stones' the girls can glue pictures or flowers or Pippin badges or different colours. A new Pippin starts at one end of the path and walks along, stepping on which ever stones she wants to. At the far end of the path is an apple for every girl joining and as she gets to the end she reaches down and scoops up her apple before going to the leader to receive her badge and certificate.
7: Pippin Machine - hula Hoop tied with ribbon that hangs down. Each girl steps into the hoop and the leader moves it up and down over them - creating a Pippin.
8: Crepe paper streamers across a hula hoop. Each girl joining needs to break through the streamers to get to Pippins.


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