Plant Seeds Relay

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A fun relay game to plant seeds of any kind, but a particularly good way to start a Sunflower or Pumpkin growing competition.


A pack of seeds.
One plate per team, for the seeds.
Enough biodegradable plant pots for each set of seeds to plant.
One bucket per team, or one large bag, of compost.
At least two tables.
One bucket of water per team.


Feel free to adapt this in any way
The course: For each team line up a bucket of potting compost, a table with the plant pots on, a table with seeds and a bucket of water. See attached Course_for_Plant_Seed_Relay.
The game: each player in turn must
1. Run to the bucket of compost and grab a small handful of compost, carry it to the table with the pots and place the compost in one pot:
- remember the pots are small so a Beaver handful will probably be just right,
- make it more challenging for Cubs and Scouts by insisting that they do not spill any compost on the table, or that they return spilled compost back to the bucket.
2. Next take the full pot to the table with seeds and plant one seed in the centre of the pot, making sure to cover over with compost. Leave the pot in the table.
3. Run to the bucket of water, cup your hands and carry water back to water your seed. Repeat as many times as necessary to make the compost moist.
4. Sit down.

Extension ideas
For more than one type of seed either double the length of the course, or have the scouts return to the start line after the first seed, then quickly replace the plate of seeds with the second type after the last Scout in a team has completed planting the first seed.


  • Environmental awareness
  • Planting seeds
  • relay game

Badge Links

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