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Pippin in the Kitchen activity 1 - Learn about health and safety in the kitchen. Always wash up the dishes after cooking and leave the kitchen tidy.
Set up a kitchen with hazards and be prepared to wash the dishes.
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Kitchen - either at your meeting place, a girl or leaders home, or set one up using boxes
Kitchen utensils and equipment to create hazards
Dish washing and drying equipment


Set up the kitchen with hazards such as pot handles sticking out, dirty cloths, tea towel on an element, jug cord hanging down, mouldy fruit, water on the floor etc
Get the girls to come in and see if they can see what is dangerous in the kitchen. They made need some clues.
Be sure to 'fix' all the hazards so the girls can see what a safe kitchen looks like too.
After preparing any food, get the pippins to help with the dishes and tidying of the kitchen.
At the very end get them to check again for hazards - hopefully these have now all been rectified.


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