Monkey Bridge Pioneering

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Bridge Of Any Length to cross a point (Possibly a river or ravine).
Great activity for outdoor pioneering.
Suggested at least 8 - 20 Kids to construct

Uses Knots, Lashings and A Frames
Can be used as a challenge


- At Least 28 Lengths Of Rope
- 12 Medium/Large Length Pioneering Poles
- Pegs/trees For Suspension of the bridge


(1.1) Build 4 A Frames of equal size
(1.2) Round lash the A Frames together to create 2 M Shaped Structures

(2.1) Connect the M Frames together with desired lengths of rope at the Bow and Peak points of M Shape
(2.2) Suspend M Frames by tree or Pegs connecting to the same points at (2.1)
(2.3) Connect ropes between V shaped length of rope as supports - SAFTEY!


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