Lost in the Bush Game

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Watch a video about what to do if lost in the bush. Practice the skills.

Learn how to treat a sprain, immobilise a broken arm and treat a cut. Build a shelter for your patrol, collect tinder and kindling, make an SOS signal for rescuers.


Triangle bandage x 2
Crepe bandage x 2
Rope x 4
Tarpaulin x 2
Sacking x 4
Guide Handbook (page 56, 61) per group


Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KViphuwqsA.
Read the lost in the bush rules on page 56.

Split into four groups, two groups at each station.

On a bush walk, you get separated from your group? What do you do?

Station One - 20 minutes
It’s getting dark and looks like it is going to rain, build a shelter to protect your patrol.

It’s been two days since you have been lost and you have matches in your survival kit and a couple of big pieces of wood. What you would need to start a fire? Collect this (tinder and kindling)

Station Two - 20 minutes
In a fall, one member of your group has sprained their ankle, another member has a sore arm, and it might be broken, another member of your patrol has a large cut on their arm.

How do you attract attention? Make your location visible for rescuers.

How to treat a sprain:
Rest - stop moving.
Ice - apply cold (not freezing) water for 20 minutes.
Compression - bandage firmly with elastic bandage.
Elevation - raise the affected limb (above heart level) to reduce swelling.

Keep open fractures as clean as possible. Cover with clean plastic or other non-stick dressing.
Immobilise the broken limb, ensuring that you immobilise the joints above and below the break
Improvise splints if from suitable well-padded items, e.g. a sleeping mat, walking poles.
Use broad ties to hold the splint in place, ensuring that you don't impede circulation. Don't use rope and boot laces.

Arm sling – what you need to do
Step 1 of 5: Support their bad arm.
Ask them to support their bad arm with their other hand. Slide the triangular bandage underneath it, with the longest edge (the base) parallel to their body at the tip of the little finger. The tip of the bandage (the point) should stick out past their elbow.
Step 2 of 5: Pull the top bit
Gently pull the top bit under their bad arm and around the neck to the opposite shoulder. Take the bit that’s hanging down over their arm and up to meet the other end at their shoulder.
Step 3 of 5: Make a reef knot
Tie the ends together in a reef knot at the hollow above their collar bone and tuck in the ends.
Step 4 of 5: Adjust the sling
• Adjust the sling so that it supports their arm all the way to the top of their little finger.
• Twist the tip by their elbow until it fits snugly around their elbow and tuck it in or safety pin it.Arm sling step 3
Step 5 of 5: Check their circulation
Check their circulation in their fingers and keep checking every ten minutes. If it’s too tight, loosen the bandage and sling and tie them again.


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