Courage Mime

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Introduce cubs to the concept of everyday courage with this fun mimed game




1. Introduce the concept of courage and explain how people demonstrate courage in everyday circumstances. Describe how someone who is afraid of heights is courageous every time they go up a ladder or go to the top floor of a skyscraper. Go on to use other similar examples.
2. After a short discussion ask the Cubs, in their Sixes, to come up with a mime depicting how someone uses courage in everyday life.
3. Let them practise the mimes in their Sixes and then get each Six to perform their mime to the rest of the pack. Allow the rest of the pack to try and guess what each Six’s mime is about.


  • acting
  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • courage
  • Drama
  • entertainer
  • group activity
  • mime
  • Our Sporting Adventure
  • promise
  • sixes

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