Giving and Listening to Instructions - Difficulty Understanding

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- This might be what its like for somebody that has a disability that leaves them with Difficulty Understanding, There are well over 200 known causes.
- Giving Instructions Clearly
- Listening to Instructions
- it might be people have difficulty understanding what other people say or mean


Paper with an abuser pattern/shape drawn on it
Plain Paper to draw on
Clip board


Sit Beavers back to back
- Beaver One - has the paper with the pattern/shape drawn on it. To help with mark the top Left and Right of the pattern/shape
- Beaver Two - has the clipboard with the plain paper and pencil. Again mark the plain paper with Left and Right.
- Beaver One - needs to give out clear instructions to Beaver Two how to draw the pattern/shape - NO CHEATING - BOTH BEAVERS MUST NOT LOOK AT EACH OTHERS PAPER.
- When Finished - STILL DONT LOOK AND COMPAIR ANYTHING YET - Hand Beaver Ones Pattern/Shape in and get a plain piece of paper - Change over rolls BUT this time Beaver Two uses THEIR OWN drawing.
- THIS TIME When Finished - compare both pattern/shapes

++ After ++ chat about the problems that came up and what might have help.

***** After running this it might be an idea to have the pattern/shape drawn on 1cm graph paper and then give plain 1cm graph paper for them to draw on. *****


  • Disability Awareness
  • Giving Instructions
  • Instructions giving & taking
  • Listening skills

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