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Visit a Zoo or Animal Park and learn about an animal form another country – Our World 8
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Arrange a visit to a Zoo or animal park. This may need to occur on a weekend or weekday in the holidays to fully enjoy the animals. See if your local Zoo allows groups to sleep over.
OR - if there is no zoo close to you
Set up your own Pippin Zoo. Bring in toy animals and set up your meeting space with enclosures to separate the animals. Maybe have an African enclosure for lions and tigers, a reptile enclosure for lizards, frogs and snakes, an aviary for all the birds and maybe a tank for any fish. Talk about the animals and what the pippins know about them - maybe whether they are carnivores or herbivores, whether they are endangered or protected, what they might eat in the wild, what they might eat in the zoo.
Get the girls to bring their animals from home (Name them) It will not matter if there are 10 tigers and only one elephant.
Take turns as Zoo Keeper to introduce the animals and what they know about them.
Be sure to have one animal from another country -and some facts to share bout it.

Some Zoos have maps - get the girls to draw a map of your Zoo and the enclosures - drawing and/or naming the animals in each.
Some Zoos have cafe's - maybe serve animal biscuits for a snack - check dietary requirements for the group first.


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