The Boat is sinking (with a twist)

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The leader calls out "the boat is sinking, the boat is sinking, get into groups of (what ever)" the last 2 are the winners. Can be used just as a game or as a game to help reinforce new Languages.




The leader cries, “The boat is sinking! The boat is sinking! Group yourselves into three!” The Scouts then scamper and assemble themselves accordingly. Scouts who fail to find a huddle with the appropriate number of members are then sent packing. This is repeated until the two last remaining souls on-board are declared winners.

The twist comes with the creativity of the grouping instructions. It’s not just about numbers. Groups can be formed by gender, shirt color, letters in students’ first names, etc. It all depends on your target vocabulary. You can even transition into a TPR-style (Total Physical Response) activity and encourage your kids to get moving by, for example, saying, “The boat is sinking! The boat is sinking! Everybody, jump three times!”

This game can be used to have restless Scouts up and about. It also allows you to have a comprehension check to see whether your wards have understood specific instructions barked in the target language. So for beginners, use simple, plain instructions.


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