Ring Leader

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A game which Beavers follow the Ringleaders actions




All Beavers stand in a circle.
Choose one person to be the Detective then send them far enough away that they can't hear you choose the Ringleader.
Once a Ringleader is chosen, they begin to do an action, for example, clapping, hopping on one foot, patting their head, pulling a funny face and so on.
The other Beavers in the circle must copy the Ringleader's actions.
The Detective has 3 chances to guess who the ring leader is, if not a new Ringleader is chosen.
If the Detective does guess, the Ringleader becomes te Detective.

This game can be played as long as you choose. It's a great game for filling time while waiting for people to arrive or things to start.


  • beaver
  • game
  • lead a game
  • no equipment
  • teamwork challenge
  • time filler

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