Dragon Eggs

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Wide game best played in a wooded area with water balloons.


Each team will need a bucket/tub with ten water balloons of the same colour and one large normal balloon all filled with water.Each team will start with a different set of coloured balloons.
Some spare water balloons to replace any that pop before the game begins and a whistle to start and stop the game.

We usually finish the session with a water fight so lots more water balloons will be needed.


Each six/lodge is given a bucket/tub with 10 water balloons of the same colour and 1 large normal balloon, all filled with water. Each six/lodge has different coloured balloons to start with. The larger balloon is the Queen egg.
Before the game begins agree on a boundary line where the players must not cross. When ready to begin all players make their way into the woods accompanied by an adult/leader (nest guard) to find a suitable site for their nest.
On the sound of a whistle the game can begin and players can leave their nest. The object of the game is to steal the other teams eggs. Players can only enter the other teams nest if the attacking team out number the defending team. This will be judged by the nest guard.
Only one egg can be taken at a time per attacking team pair consisting of one carrier and one carrier defender. If an egg carrier gets separated from their defender, the egg can be taken by another team and put in their nest. The Queen egg can only be taken if it's the last egg left in the nest.
At the sound of a second whistle approximately 30-40 minuets all players must return to their nests and collect their buckets and eggs and return to the start.

Points are awarded as follows

10 points - Queen eggs.

5 points - Starting coloured eggs ie those kept by the team.

2 points - all other eggs ie those stolen from other teams.

The team with the greatest number of points wins.


  • Outdoor activity - Wide Game
  • team game
  • Water balloons
  • woods

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