Nuclear Rods

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Move the nuclear rods to a safe zone


Rubber Bands
Rope / String (Approx 3 metre length - one per person)
Tent Pegs
Bucket / Tin / Pan x 2
Chalk / Rope / Benches to Mark off an area


Put the Tent Pegs into a container, with the tops showing/accessible.

Mark off a circle area approx 2m around the Pegs. Young People cannot enter this area or they are out of the game.

Place the second container outside of the no go area.

Give each group a few rubber bands, and a length of rope for each person.

They must find a way to move the 'Nuclear Rods' (Tent Pegs) from the fall out zone to the safe container, without the rods touching the floor or any of the Young People.

** Tie the strings to the rubber bands, and if all the Young People pull the string, it will stretch the rubber band enough to fit over the top of the tent peg. When they release the string, the rubber band will close around the peg and they should be able to lift the pegs out and move them to the container. This is the tricky bit! Any dropped pegs are not counted. The team with the most 'safe' pegs, or quickest time wins **


  • Nuclear
  • Problem solving
  • rope game

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