GGNZ Lolly Guide Promise Relay

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Relay game with the Promise words on lollies.
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


18 wrapped lollies per group
Promise words printed - see attached file 'Promise for Lollies'
Optional: Copy of the Promise


Pre-prepare the lollies by cutting up the words of the Promise and sellotaping the words to the wrapped lollies. You will need a set per Patrol. You could choose to prepare these with the girls.

Objective of the Game: Be the first Patrol to place the Promise words in order and read aloud, and to initiate a discussion with the whole group on what the Promise means

Playing the Game:

- Place the set of lollies for each Patrol opposite them in your playing space

- On go, from each Patrol one Guide runs up and takes one lolly back to the Patrol. The Guides takes turns to collect the lollies.

- Once all the lollies have been collected the Patrol races to be the first ones to place the words of the Promise in the correct order and then reads the Promise aloud to show they have finished.

Following the activity, find the Promise on page 10 of their books, share ideas on what each part of the Promise means. Have a look at the Guide Law, can the girls share something they have done this week that has kept their Guide Law?


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