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Investigate Engineering Principles in your Patrol (Forces -Who has the Potential (Energy)




Aim of Badge To take on an engineering project – everyone can be an engineer!
This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Option 4 has 5 sub sections of which 1 must be completed using the engineering design process

 In this exercise we will investigate two types of energy that are ever-present in our lives: potential energy and kinetic (moving) energy
 If you are moving you have kinetic energy
 Kinetic energy is energy associated with the velocity (speed) and mass of an object
 A light object moving slowly will have much less kinetic energy than a heavy object moving fast
 Potential energy is the innate (essential) energy of an object due to its position, or the amount of energy it has stored
 For example, water at the top of the waterfall (before it falls) has more potential energy than the water at the bottom
 In many cases these two energies work in tandem
 Take the waterfall, for example: the water has maximum potential at the top of the waterfall and minimum kinetic energy.
 As the water gushes at high speed over the top the water loses height (and with it potential energy) but gains kinetic energy
 A similar principle works in rollercoasters
 The rollercoaster climbs to a high point and then works by transforming the losses of potential to gain speed, and conversely the losses of speed to gain potential.
 However, potential energy is not only related to height – potential energy is created for example in a spring before it is released or indeed is captured in chemical bonds.
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