IGG FLY: Compulsory Challenges 01

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Make a kite (Fish Kite)


 Coloured A4 paper
 Crepe paper
 Scissors
 Stapler
 Glue (optional)
 Colouring pencils


This activity will teach your girls how to make a kite

• Copy the fish pattern (see overleaf) on to coloured A4 paper
• Each Ladybird will need two fish patterns
• Decorated both fish
• Cut out the patterns
• Leaving the mouth and tail open
• Staple or glue the edges of the two fish shapes
• Add crepe paper streamers
• To make the mouth area stronger fold the mouth inward a few times
• Shape it into a round opening.
• Attach short yarn of string to both sides the mouth opening, tie the main kite string to the middle of this string (as show overleaf)

Leaders Do not use fishing line or wire to fly a kite

Before flying their kite discuss some safety tips with the Ladybirds
Never fly a kite:
 near electric lines or poles
 in the rain
 near the edge of a steep hill
 near traffic or trees
 If a kite gets caught up in a tree or pole, it is best to leave it alone!


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