IGG Guide Green Fingers 1. Grow a flower and a vegetable or herb of our choice from seed, bulb or tuber.

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Aim of Badge:
To encourage an interest in gardening.

This Badge has five options of which five must be completed.


 Suitable plant /seeds
 Containers
 Soil/compost
 Water
 Gloves
 Trowel


Ask Guides to grow a plant and to bring it to a Guide meeting. First discuss with them how to choose a suitable plant. If a Guide wishes to grow an outdoor plant she can bring photos of the plant as it grows.

• Let the Guide choose the plant she wishes to grow.
• Suggest that the Guide reads the instructions on the packet, consults a book on gardening, or asks a gardener for advice.

The Guide should take the following into account when choosing their plant:
• When is a good time of the year to sow the plant?
• What kind of soil is suitable to grow the plant in?
• Is it an indoor or outdoor plant?
• What is the recommended amount of water to give the plant
• Do you plant it in the ground or in a container?
• How big will the plant grow?

The easiest plant to grow in late Autumn is a Hyacinth (pictured above) from a bulb. Information about Hyacinths is available with this activity on OGM. You could share it with the Guides as an example of a plant they could grow.

Fin’s Garden Centre, Macroom
Trefoil News Summer 2018

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