Horse and Jockey

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A game for pairs, where one player is a horse, the other a jockey.




Split the Players into pairs.

Mark out the 'course' (normally a simple oval or rectangle) with cones.

Players stand around the course in pairs. The front player is the 'Horse', the player behind is the 'Jockey'.

When the leader shouts 'Mount', the jockey jumps on the horse's back. (a Piggy back).

On the shout of 'Go', the Jockey jumps down from the horse, runs through the horse's legs, then completes a full lap of the course, finishing by jumping back onto the horses back. the winner is the first team to be in the starting position (piggy back).

The players then switch roles, so each gets a go at being both the horse and jockey.

If the players are confident enough (or strong enough!) then you can try having the races with the Jockey's actually on Horseback! Good luck with that.....



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