Creating a Unit Agreement

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Work together as a unit to create or update your unit agreement.


Big piece of paper
Coloured pens/pencils
Guide law
Guide promise


In the unit talk about how the promise and law are a set of guidelines for Guides. As a unit we need to come up with an agreement about how we behave.

Ask the girls to brainstorm some ideas about what they could agree to to make sure that we can meet our promise and law in the unit. No ideas are bad ideas - but try to phrase your ideas in a positive way - e.g. Walk in the hall rather than No running in the hall.

Once the brainstorm is complete - agree on the 5-10 most important things.

Create the unit agreement using the attached template - or girls may wish to create their own.

Have all the girls sign the agreement. You can then have new girls sign up to the agreement at their enrolment ceremony.

Review the unit agreement when required (e.g. at the start of the year, or each term). Ask the girls if their is anything that they would change, remove or add.


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