Beanbag Dodgeball

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Like dodgeball but with beanbags and no facial injuries


A whole bunch of beanbags.


Split the kids into two teams and put one on each side of the hall, lined up along the back wall in a queue.

Each team has one beanbag per team member.

They have to throw the beanbags on the ground and let them slide along the ground.

Theycan not cross the center line unless hit.

They are hit when the beanbag hits their feet (no throwing beanbags in the air. Anyone thowing bean bags in the air has to have a time out)

If hit a scout goes to the other side of the hall. They have to wait on the end of the other team's line. If (on purpose or by accident) a bean bag comes to them then they put it on their head and get a Free walk back to their original team.


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