Crayon pendants

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Create a unique present for Mum for Mother's Day - melt crayons into cabochon bases.


Crayola crayons - you'll need a good mix of colours for the girls to choose from. 48 crayons is more than enough for 25 girls. Cut the crayons into 1cmish chunks beforehand.

Cabochon bases - these can be purchased from Spotlight, Lincraft, or other craft stores. If you have the time, Aliexpress sells them very cheaply; just allow a couple of months for delivery!

Chain or waxed thread to thread the pendants on.

Craft glue

Clear nail polish

Oven tray, baking paper, oven mitts.


Place the crayon pieces into the cabochon bases. Fill the bases well, as the crayons will reduce as they melt.

'Bake' the pendants for 4 minutes at 100 degrees.

When they cool, tip the crayon out of the base (put it in the freezer for a few moments if needed to make it come out more easily) and turn it around (the side that's been in the cab is nicer to look at). Glue the melted crayon into the cabochon.

Seal with a coat of clear nail polish.

Detailed instructions are in the file below.


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