IGG DETECT: Becoming a Brownie Guide 09

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Know the Brownie Guide Motto (L-A-H Game of Chase)


 White Card
 Photocopy of sheets (see overleaf
 Scissors


To help Brownies to understand the Brownie Guide Motto

Print numerous cards (see overleaf)
Cut into individual cards

 Two girls are designated as “chasers.”
 Leader shuffles the cards
 Give the rest of the Brownies one card each
 Leader call go
 Anyone tagged must give her card to the chaser
 She then returns to a Leader for another card
 The first chaser to have a full set of all three letters L, A and H yells “Stop!”
 She shares with the others a way that she can Land a Hand
Repeat the game with two new “Chasers”

Explain what LAH stand for. And that every Brownie tries to lend a hand everyday

Acknowledgement/Sources Mary Conway Mid-West Region


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