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The Lodges are given a visual bridge worksheet which gives visual clues of how to build a strong bridge structure. The Lodges agree upon a design of structure based on the visual information on the sheet. They can draw the bridge upon paper using a ruler or squared paper. The Lodges are then given a sufficient pile of cocktail sticks...bbq skewers and coloured matchsticks and a bag of mini Marsh-mellow pieces. They have a specific time of 20 Minutes to build a bridge structure and problem solve together working as a team.


1 Information worksheet, 1 bag of Marsh-mellows per Lodge, 50 Cocktail sticks...match sticks or skewer sticks, a4 plain paper or squared paper per Beaver, 1 pencil per Beaver, ruler per Beaver.


Intro to task...brief chat about bridge structures.
Visual Worksheets given to each Lodge with Bridge structures descriptions (triangular rule to strengthen structures)
1 Sheet of plain/squared paper per Beaver
pencils & rulers per Beaver
Rules established and expectations using Cocktail sticks
Each Lodge are given a pile of at least 50 Cocktail sticks/match sticks or skewer sticks
1 bag of mini marsh-mellows
Timer is set and they begin working together as a team to create a free standing bridge structure.



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