Independence Day

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Night for Independence Day that also contributes towards international and creative arts badge.


- American Flag
- Drinks/Snacks
- Root Beer
- Corn Dogs
- S'mores
- Soap (one for each participant)
- Knives/Carving Equipment (doesn't have to be sharp.
- Paper or Postcards
- Pens
- Baseball Bat (any bat will do)
- Baseball (any ball will do)
- Baseball Bases


- Use an American Flag.
- Leader talks about the flag break in American Scouting.
- Ask the unit to repeat the pledge of American Scouts which is as follows:
"I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all."

Main Meeting
- Drinks and Snacks available throughout the meeting in the kitchen counter.
- Handouts about totems and an explanation about the use of totems in America and what they mean/represent.
- Soap Carving:
- Explorers get one soap each.
- Make a design of totem to carve into the soap with the carving tools or a knife.
- Smooth out the design using water and rubbing the soap.
- Explain to the group what your design. represents and why you chose it.
- History of American Scouts
- How it started.
- How it is different to our scouts.
- Write a letter/postcard each to an American Scout group saying something about themselves, something about the unit, something about scouting in the UK and asking a question about American scouting.

- If there is time at the end of the meeting a game of American Baseball outside.

- Notes about the meeting.
- Notices.
- Flagdown and dismissal.


  • America
  • base ball
  • carving
  • food
  • independence Day
  • international
  • learning
  • soap carving

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