Binary Numbers Game

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A simple game that can be used to drive home how numbers are represented in binary.


Some Cubs!

A bit of paper with some numbers written down in binary (to save you having to work it out on the spot)


The Sixes compete to be the first to visualise numbers in binary format. They do it by lining up, with each being a different power of two (1s, 2s, 4s, 8s, 16s etc.). For each number given, each Cub should either crouch down to show '0' or stand up to show '1'

Numbers up to and including 63 can be represented using 6 Cubs. Make sure you choose a variety of different numbers.

13 - 001101
27 - 011011
33 - 100001
7 - 000111
42 - 101010
0 - 000000
50 - 110010
63 - 111111



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