Battle Ball

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Despite the openly aggressive title of this game, there is virtually no physical contact between players during the game.
Two teams of 5 play one another for a fixed of about 5 minutes, or until all the skittles are knocked over.


Up to 4 balls. Use footballs to make the game easier or tennis balls to increase the difficulty.
10 skittles, 5 for each team.


See the attached Battle_Ball for these instructions and the diagram.

No player from zone ‘A’ may enter ‘B’ and vice-versa.
Areas in the diagram marked ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are also out of bounds except for retrieval purposes.
Place the 5 skittles in areas ‘X’ and ‘Y’, in a straight row about 3 feet apart.
The aim is for each side to pass the ball between their team and then to aim at the skittles defended by the opposing team.
The ball may be intercepted and it can be lobbed or rolled.



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