Man Hunt

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The Cubs are split into two teams.

The Leaders set the boundaries of where the Cubs can go during the game.

One team sets off to hide or spread out as far as possible. They are the running team. These Cubs all have a rubber band on their wrist.

After 2 minutes, the second team (the catching team) are set off to try and catch as many of the other team as possible. They should tig them when they catch them and take the rubber band from them. They keep the rubber band for counting at the end of the game. The Cub who has been caught has to run back to the Leaders to get another rubber band.

The game is played for 10 minutes then the Leader blows a whistle and all players come back in. The catching team count up how many bands they have taken and that is their score. The running team take off their bands and pass back to the Leaders. They then swap over and the catching team takes a band each and gets to be the running team.

The winning team is the one that collects the most bands in the 10 minute game.


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