Forensic Detective - Escape Room

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An Escape Room, with puzzles that Beavers and Cubs can solve using their detective skills


1. Print out of the FORENSIC DETECTIVE ROOM (attached)
2. 5 pairs of disposable gloves
3. 1 magnifying glass
4. Print out of the secret message in font size 4pt (attached)
5. Print out of the Keyboard and Key (attached)


1. Hide the gloves in a cupboard with the door just ajar such that one glove can be reached before the cupboard needs to be fully opened.
2. Find the magnifying glass anywhere in the room
3. Stick the secret message behind an object in the room but easy to access
4. Stick the Key printout to the back of the Keyboard printout
5. Stick the Keyboard printout on the wall somewhere NOT OBVIOUS
6. Let the contestants into the room and let them read the instructions first.
IMPORTANT: OPEN the attached pdf for full instructions for the players of the team game


  • detectives
  • Escape room
  • Problem solving
  • team work,

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