21 Team Building Games

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1) Cross the Lava Pit [1]
You and your team have 10 minutes to cross the lava pit using the crates and wooden planks provided. If at any point you fall off or the wooden plank touches the lava pit you have got to start from the beginning. The winning team is whoever crosses the lava pit first. Equipment needed: crates, wooden planks and cones.

2) Cross the Lava Pit [2]
You and your team have 10 minutes to cross the lava pit using the fixed crates and the long/short planks provided. If at any point you fall off or your plank enters the lava pit you start from the beginning. You cannot go diagonally, only forwards, backwards and sideways. You can only use short planks for the short distance and long planks for the long distance. You must start and finish at the fixed points.

3) Cross The Lava Pit [3]
This is for a team of 6-9 people. Using three planks you’ve got to cross the lava pit on the two raised rails from one platform to the other. You cannot move the rails, if using crates the leaders will have to move them. Nobody can fall off, if you do, you start back at the beginning.

4)Gutter Ball
You and your team need to get the ball to the end using the guttering. You cannot drop the ball or stop it, it needs to keep on moving! The winners are whoever gets the ball into the bucket first.

5) Are You Full Up Yet? [1]
You and your team are in a race to see who can fill up their bucket first! At the beginning of the course a team player will be filling up cups with water that will be situated on top of another team players helmet who happens to be blindfolded. You'll then need to verbally guide the blindfolded team mate through the course to the drop off location.

6) Are You Full Up Yet? [2]
It’s a relay obstacle course. Each team member needs to transfer water in a relay obstacle course to fill up their bucket at the end of the course to the top. Each obstacle transfer will have a height/distance factor making it difficult to transfer water.

7) Blindfold Trail
You and your team are all blindfolded. You’ll need to communicate with each and work as a team to get everybody through the trail. Your hands must remain on the rope that guides you through the obstacles, you cannot let go or you may be forever lost!

8) Toxic Waste
You and your team need to retrieve the toxic waste that is situated in the middle of an exclusion zone using the two ropes that are provided. You cannot enter the zone and be careful not to tip the bucket otherwise its game over!
[Q do they have to lift it, or just drag to the edge?]

9) All Aboard [1]
You and your team have to fit into a defined space. Once you have achieved this the size of the area will keep getting smaller and smaller. If a team player leaves the square, they’re out. The winning team is with the most people left standing in the smallest space.

10) All Aboard [2]
You and your team are on a piece of tarp. Together as a team you need to turn the tarp over whilst still on board it. The team is whoever can do it the quickest.

11) Human Knot
Form a circle of no less than six people. You need your right hand to hold hands with the person straight across from you and your left hand to do the same but holding a different person’s hand. Untangle yourself but don't let go.

12) Infinite Loops
Pairs are connected using the infinite loops. Your challenge is to become disconnected from your partner without removing your hands from the loops or untying the knots.

13) Stand Up, Stand Up
As a pair or a group of four sit back to back and link your arms together. Now try to stand up without unlinking your arms!

14) Spider Web
You and your team must get through the spiders web to the other side. But there’s a catch! You team cannot go through the same hole nor can your body touch the rope you pass through otherwise you’ll be stuck in the spiders web.

15) Leaky Pipe
You and your team need to retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. You’ll need to use the cups provided to transfer the water from the bucket to the pipe. Watch out though your water will be draining itself as quickly as you’re putting it in!

16) Minefield
You and your team must cross the minefield. One team player must enter a square and move through the rest of the squares locating the correct path to the end. Only one team player on the minefield at a time. If you land on a mine, you blow up! And must start from the beginning again, changing the person on your team. Can you remember the course? Can you get your team across? You can change this by adding a time limit, limiting speech to 'before you enter the mine only' or allocating a certain amount of lives.

17)Tower Time
You and your team must stack the crates numbered 1-5 in the correct order. The five crates are stacked on three spots, meaning some crates will be on top of each other. The problem is the spots aren’t next door to each other and only one team player can move at a time with only one crate. Did I mention that this is a no talking zone so you’ll have to communicate a different way?

18) Don’t Spill It
One at a time, complete an obstacle course with a cup of water on top of your helmet. The winning team will be the team who has filled up their bucket with the most water. The obstacle course must have height/distance factors in it and if you're really daring moving obstacles!

19) The Precious Package
Each team member is blindfolded and must complete a maze whilst holding an egg. One member of the team will be directing them through the maze then collecting the precious package at the end. The team will the most packages intact and with the quickest time are the winners!

20) Tangled
Four ropes are tangled around a big pole in the middle and then knotted outwards to four smaller corner poles. The first team to untangle their rope is the winner.

21) How Is Your Memory?
At the beginning of the course will be a sequence board with different coloured animals, hidden so the rest of the team are unable to see it. Each team has a team member who will read the sequence, then complete an obstacle to pass the sequence onto the next team member. Then the next team player will complete an obstacle and pass it onto the next and so on. The team who completes the sequence at the other end of the course will be the winners. You cannot shout the sequence out nor can you record the sequence in anyway, you need to rely on your memory to remember the sequence.


1) Crates, wooden planks and cones.
2) Crates, cones, short and long wooden planks.
3) Planks and rails/crates.
4) Guttering, buckets and small balls.
5) Blindfolds, helmets, cups, buckets, obstacle equipment and containers with the water in them.
6) Obstacle equipment, water, cups and buckets.
7) Blindfolds, rope, staves and obstacle equipment.
8) Bucket, water, two ropes and cones. (Different materials can be used for the waste)
9) Rope/cones or a piece of tarp to zone area.
10) Piece of tarp.
11) None.
12) Infinite loops made of rope.
13) None.
14) Staves/two trees and rope.
15) Pipes with different sized holes, water, ping pong ball, cups and buckets filled with water.
16) Map laid out via cones/square mats or rope.
17) Numbered crates 1-5 and spots.
18) Obstacle equipment, cups, water, helmets and buckets.
19) Maze, blindfolds and eggs.
20) One big pole, four smaller poles and rope.
21) Sequence board, obstacle equipment and colours with paper.




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