Food Chain Game

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A large square is laid out with 4 cones at the corners, to provide a large playing area for the game.

The cards for the game are labelled with one of the following titles:

Grass, Buds and Leaves, Fruit, Mouse, Rabbit, Fox, Farmer.

Each card then lists what that plant or animal eats, and what it can be eaten by as part of the food chain.

Each Cub is given one card at the start of the game, they run about within the playing area and when they meet another cub, they have to see if what is on their card, eats or is eaten by the card held by the other Cub. If their plant or animal is eaten by the other plant or animal, they hand the card over to the other Cub. The other Cub can play on and keeps both cards. The Cub without a card should run back to their leader to obtain a new card.

The game cards include numerous grass, and buds card, but only one fox card and one farmer, to portray the realities of the food chain.

The game can last for 15 minutes and the winner is the Cub with the most cards in their hand at the end.


Box with all cards for the game
4 Cones





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