Totally random relay

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A relay team game where the outcome is not decided by speed but by random chance and guessing. This game is good if you are having a themed night as you can theme the object to the same as a the night. For example we did a model making night with Lego and used Lego bricks for this game.


A leader for each team.
A small item for each leader - small enough to hide in one hand. We've used woggles, dry pasta shapes and Lego bricks in the past.
Space to play in.


Simple game:
Each team lines up facing one leader per team at the opposite end of the play area.
Each leader is given the object to hide in one hand - behind their back.
On go the first person runs to the leader and the leader holds out two closed fists.
The player must guess which hand the object is in by tapping it. If they are correct the team gets a point. THE PLAYER ONLY GETS ONE CHANCE TO CHOOSE
They then run back and the next player goes - at this point the leader puts their hands behind their back and may switch the object to the other hand if they wish.

Challenge game:
Played as above except the leader may choose to not put the object in either hand
The player chooses. If correct the team gets one point.
If the hand is empty the player may challenge the leader and the leader then reveals the other hand.
If the other hand is empty the team gets a bonus point.
If the other hand contains the object the team loses 2 points.


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