Leadership Base

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Various activities designed to encourage good leadership from PLs/6ers


Paper, neckers, (optional) instruction sheets, photocopied pages of comic books/graphic novels


The patrol/6 is issued a task by the Leader running the base. As soon as the instructions are given the Leader offers no further assistance except to help the leader of the group lead better. The following activities are examples of good tasks to set the young people.

* Each member of the group is issued an envelope, inside each of which is a piece of a page of comic book (use a full page and cut into chronological sections using the panels as guides - VG Cats dot com is a good place to screen grab some interesting pages). Without allowing any other member of their group to see their piece of paper, they must reassemble the pieces of comic book by either A) only describing the picture they can see OR B) only saying the dialogue written in the comic.

* The group is given 10 sheets of A4 paper and must, in silence, make a free standing tower. Bonus points should be awarded to the group who leave the paper stacked flat - it is free standing after all...

* The group leader is given instruction on how to tie a friendship knot in their necker. They must then teach the rest of their group the knot.

* The group leader is handed an instruction sheet which reads "This is a fire drill. In silence move your patrol/6 outside and line them up in ascending order of birthday" (or similar). It is the group leader's job to perform this task without the other Scouts knowing what they are expected to do.

There are many other tasks that can be done to run a base or even a whole night of bases like this.


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