A Stash of Cash Wide Game

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A Wide Game where the object is to be holding the most money at the end of the game. Scouts work in teams to challenge other team players to gain notes. Strategy is important as money changes hands very frequently and there is lots of running around and interaction between Scouts. It's good to break up the game with Timeouts when scouts can regroup with their team coach, swap intelligence gathered and agree tactics again.


Coloured felt pens, Fake money (printed out) / Have used Pasta Shells before, Paper.


Teams of 8 Scouts works best but can work with different size teams. Each Team is designated a Colour.

Each member of the team has a number drawn on the back of their hand between 1 and 8. No number is repeated, with a pen of their team colour.

Each Team has a Total of 8,500 Dollars. 60 x 100 Notes and 5 x 500 Notes and a mystery note. The value of the mystery notes for each team will be decided before the game starts. The Mystery notes will have a value between 2,000 and 4,000 Dollars.

Each Team will decide how to allocate their money through their team. Each team member must start the game with at least 1 note in their possession, but it’s not required that team members have to carry equal amounts of money.

The Aim of the Game is to be the team at the end with the most money in their possession.

Teams will go off with their money and their team coach to an area where they are not overlooked and can talk tactics in secret.

At this point the Team Coach will draw the numbers of the hands of the team. The team can decide who has which number.

The team will also decide who has the larger denominations of money, and who will carry the Mystery Note.

When the Whistle blows the teams will disperse and go to challenge members of the other teams.

When a Scout is challenged they compare the numbers on the back of their hands. The loser hands over 1 note from their possession. The scout must present the notes to the winner in the following order:

If the have a mystery note then they pass that note over first
If they have no mystery note then they pass over the $500 Dollar note
If they have no $500 then they pass over a $100 note
If they have no money, then they can’t pass over anything.

A scout can still challenge someone if they have no money. If they win they must take a note. The Loser MUST hand over a single note if they lose. The winner can only take 1 note at a time.

In a challenge the higher number always wins BUT a 1 will ALWAYS beat an 8.

If it’s a draw then both walk away having handed over nothing.

All notes have to be carried at all times on a team member. Money cannot be stashed somewhere (under a bush/tree etc)

Team members can hide but cannot go somewhere inaccessible. (i.e. Girls can’t hide in Girls toilets etc). Remember the aim of the game is to increase your stash of cash.


  • money
  • strategy
  • teamwork
  • wide game

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