GGNZ Breads of the World

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Discover different types of bread, how they taste and where they come from.
Make a sandwich using bread from another country. Our World activity 7

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A variety of breads from a bakery or supermarket such as
pita, ciabatta, naan, bagel, croissant, pretzel
Hummus, jam, cream cheese
plates or serviettes

Globe or world map

Consider using the Bread Quiz (in OGM) - which has pictures of many different breads (and Bread Quiz answers) if you can't find a range of different breads. Print these out - consider laminating them.


Do the girls know which country each bread comes from?
Find the country on a map or globe.
Taste the breads - which one is best?

Make a sandwich using one of the breads - consider serving jam in a croissant or cream cheese in a bagel or hummus with pita bread. Encourage everyone to taste the sandwich.
Check dietary requirements before starting this activity - and consider taste testing a gluten free bread too.


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