Cooking - jam tarts

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A quick cooking activity for the Beavers, where the facilities in the hut are quite basic.
Cooking jam tarts, and talk about being careful around hot ovens.
Good exercise for sharing and taking turns, as there was 1 cutter and 1 pot of jam for each lodge.


Oven pre heated.
Jam tart oven trays.
Margarine and grease proof paper to grease trays.
Ready to roll pastry.
Spoons, cutters.
Paper bowl or plate for Beavers to take home what they had made.


All beavers to have a go at greasing the trays using the margarine/grease proof paper.
Beavers opened out pre-made pastry sheets.
Used cutters to make circles, they put them in to the tray.
Spooned jam in to the pastry circles.
Took trays to oven and adult put them in the oven for the Beavers.
Adult took out once cooked and checked when they were cool enough to handle.
Beavers put on to plate (and scoffed straight away!)



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