Prayer paper chain - faith badge

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Beavers to create a paper chain:
Each Beaver has a few coloured paper strips. On each strip they can write a short prayer (or draw a prayer if they are not confident with writing).
Make sure the Beavers know they can keep their prayer private if they wish - they can put it on the inside of the loop, or draw a picture to represent their prayer if they don't want anyone else to read it.
Glue the first strip round in to a circle, to make the first link in the chain.
All the subsequent strips are threaded through a previous link before glueing, to create a long chain.
All the pieces end up joined to make one big chain, to illustrate the power of prayer when we all pray together.
All beavers to have a quiet moment thinking about all the prayers we have just made together.
Hang the prayer chain in the hut where we can all see it.


coloured paper strips.
Pens or pencils to write the prayers.





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