Challenging Gender Ideals

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The activities is based of a CNN report about how to teach children about gender equality. The idea is to get the Scouts thinking about gender roles and stereotypes they may or may not have. This activity is to work on the world challenge.




1 - Gather all the scouts in the middle of the hall and get them sat down. Ask them the following question; What are the differences between boys and girls?
2 - After you have exhausted all of the answers that are mostly likely to be physical make the following statement; "I am not interested in physical contrasts but want to know wether everyone think there are other differences."
3 - Get the scouts to stand up and highlight areas of the hall, you will need four areas, labeled as; Boys, Girls, Undecided, Equal. Then ask the questions, keeping a tally chart of responses;
Who is smarter?
Who raised their hand more?
Who is better at sports?
Who is stronger?
Who is faster?
Who gossips more?
Who wears more makeup?
Who gets into trouble more? (you can ask more questions these are the ones that they asked in their study)


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