Disability Assessment

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The task is simple and gets the scouts thinking about what the suitability of Scouts in your troop is for those that have a disability, remind them at the start that disabilities are not always physical as this is most likely what the scouts will go to first. This particular area was selected due to a SCOPE and Scout association report that highlighted many of the factors that does actually impact those with a disability and how is affects them when coming to scouts. https://members.scouts.org.uk/documents/inclusion/11748_S%20Scouts%20summary_A4.pdf


Meeting place assessment.


Get the scouts to move around in patrols looking at the meeting place and assessing what we could do to make the scout hut more friendly to those with a disability. Make sure they consider what disability this may affect? This part is important as it shows that they have an understanding of what affects people with different disability. After they have found things share them with the other groups especially the suggestions!


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