Battle Ships - Broadsides

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Fun team game for water sports event. Think water fight meets coconut shy


2 x battle ships which can be made on a previous event. Battle ship (think comic pirate shaped ships) could be made of wood and painted or simply flat cut out cardboard boxes
The ships need to have a small shelf at the top or be taped to a table for tins to stand on.
2 tins for each child in the battleship
water bombs or water guns (water balloons work best)


Lodges man battleships (made & decorated previously out of wood or cardboard boxes)
Each child is a canon and stands behind 2 tin cans balanced on the battleship. (Tins can be weighted to make the game last longer)
On the the command fire each battleship fires a broadside of water balloons at the other
When both tinss have been knocked down that canon is out of commission and the child no longer throws (can stay in the boat or step out)
Keep firing broadsides until one battleship no longer has any canons


  • water activity
  • Water balloons

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