Cross Fire - Water Sports

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Two teams of 4 plus members stand in a ring and race to fill their target first using water guns. Each player stands opposite a member of the opposing team with the expected consequences!


2 large square water bottles weighted with pebbles (bottle tops cut off at the shoulder, inverted and held above the bottle using sticks - this is to help deflect water down into container)
Electric tape to mark the level the bottles need to be filled to
Stack of logs or something to rest the targets on in the centre of the ring. Targets should be higher than the players so they have to shoot up and risk hitting the opposite member.
Water storage for players to reload their guns from
Water guns (syringe style suction guns work best)


place the targets in an elevated position in the centre of the ring
have the two teams surround the targets with with players standing opposite members of the opposite team
teams then race to fill their target to the required level - or the most by the time has expired



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