SR_Rail Hike

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THIS IS 1 NIGHT TRIP (Saturday till Sunday).

This is a camp for all scouts and will be mixability groups.

They will be catching a train to Nailsea and Backwell Train Station, then walking to Cranmoor Campsite, where they will be doing small activities, sleeping the night, then packing up and walking to Yatton train station, being picked up from Swindon Train Station.

Please be reminded that children will be taking their kit with them when walking.

They will be working towards their Challenge Outdoor and Exhibition badge, and towards Camper Survival and Skills badge. They will also add 2 more to their Hikes away, and 1 night away.

To get your Chief Scout Gold award, you will need to do your exhibition badge.




the campsite we stayed at was Cranmoor campsite

from Swindon, we paid £10.45 for children and £13.50 for adults to take us to Nailsea and Backwell Train station.
From there, they completed their expedition badge by walking from Nailsea and Backwell to Cranmoor campsite. This takes around 3 hours to walk.

They can plan their routes, plan meals, and arrangements for the kit they will need. this can be done as an evening activity.


3 Bases:

Base 1- route planning. Buy OS44. they can plan route from the trainstation to the campsite, making a route plan.
Base 2- Food, they need to eat for Dinner, Breakfast and lunch. you can allocate budget & get them to work out what they need to cook with (and only take that kit).
base 3- Kit - what kit do they need? make a game with points on who has what kit & if they are missing kit, what they need.
These can last 20/25 minutes each and then rotate.

Pitch Tent
cook food
clean up
Camp gadgets - this can be anything you would like to do. We made filtration systems with water, and Woggle making.

wake up
cook food
depack the site
clean up and pack away
hike to Yatton train station

Patton train station is approximately 45 minutes away.

attached is the itinerary for the camp.

We had £30 for the whole expedition.


  • camping
  • expedition

Badge Links

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