3D Design and print woggles

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Spend an evening or 2 designing thier own woggle and get them printed (Please note can take a while to print so may need to be done at leaders home)


3D Printer, filament, a computer, 3D rendering software compatible with your 3D printer, Multiple computers (One internet connected)


The leader needs to play around with thier printer first to make sure the settings are correct and they know how to use it.

Show the cubs a few designs (https://www.thingiverse.com/tag:woggle). Unless you are really confident with it I would suggest using only one colour per print.

Give a demonstration to the scouters on the software.

Give them some time to design on paper what they want to make, encouraging to make mock models.

Use the software to create the models then print.


  • 3d model
  • Design and creativity
  • printing
  • Woggle Making

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