Cut The Bay

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Catchers v Runners battle it out. All the runners in captivity end it.


4 chairs/coats/ cones/whatever you want to use to make a square


2 Teams Required. The bigger the Teams the better. The bigger the area to play the better. A square is created using 4 Chairs. Set out of bounds/limits areas. One team runs off (runners). The other team after a delay has to run off and catch the other team (catchers). All that is required to catch someone is tap them twice on the back. The caught player has to make their way back and stand in the 'chair square'. When caught players are in the square, a player from the runners can run across the square to opposite sides (not diagonals) and on shouting 'Cut the Bay' frees everyone in the chair square. The game goes on until all of the runners are caught and there is no-one to cut the bay. Swap teams.

If a 'runner' is on their way back to the square when the bay is cut, they are still caught and need to go into the square, as they weren't in there when the bay was cut.


  • bay
  • catching
  • chairs
  • Cut
  • running away

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