Sense Nature - Keas and Cubs.

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Aim 2:
Sufficient natural habitat exists to support native species.

Aim of Sense Nature:
To experience and connect with nature using all of the senses (hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching) and understand how the information from our senses combine to create our awareness of the natural world.


Blindfolds, paper and pens, cooking spices (optional)

Find a suitable place to visit


Build up:
1. Ask the Keas to name the five senses and how they are used in their daily lives.
2. Give a brief idea to the Keas of what is in store, so they can think about the activities before they go into them. There are five activities.

Sense Nature!
Activity One: Scavenger Hunt (Sense)
Disperse 10 (or so) items around in a certain area. Have the Keas find the items.

Activity Two: Barefoot Walk (Touch)
Pair the Keas, blindfolding one of them and the other to direct. Have the Keas walk across grass, stones, bark, concrete etc. Get the Keas to discuss it amongst themselves how each of the surfaces felt.

Activity Three: What do you hear? (Hearing)
Sit the Keas down for five minutes outside. Have them record what they have heard around them.

Activity Four: Nature Smells! (Smell)
Have the Keas experience the smell of nature. This could include different types of flowers, etc. If you are not around any plants, bring in spices that you would use for cooking!

Activity Five: Natures Larder! (Taste)
A classic fear factor! Ask the Keas what animals there are in the local area. Which animals/plants could they eat? How would they taste different? (The spices from the previous activity can also be used here).

Evaluation: Gather the Keas together and discuss their experiences exploring nature by using each of their senses. Ask the Keas some questions such as: Which sense gives you the most information? The least? How do senses work together to give you information? How do living things in your area use their senses?



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