Knot the rope race

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Cubs work in their sixes to knot short lengths of rope into one big piece that will reach across a field/hall


For each Six, a number of short and equal lengths of rope (we have 10 pieces of 1.5m long rope per six)


Sit each Six behind a start line
Give each six an equal number of lengths of rope
They have to work together to knot them all into one big piece of rope (you could have a practice first where you encourage the older ones to show the younger ones how to tie e.g. reef knots).
Once they have one big piece, one Cub has to hold one end and another run out with the other end (e.g. across a finish line) and hold it taught.
The first six to have a rope that reaches the finish line and stays taught wins.

If you have Cubs that are better than ours, or perhaps with Scouts, insist that they use proper reef knots/sheet bends etc and not granny knots!


  • knot games
  • knots and lashings; teamwork

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