Team Hopping Paper, Rock, Scissors

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Team version of Paper, Rock Scissors as seen on 1st Facebook Scout Group


12x hula hoops or similar e.g. Foam Tiles (if space allows more hoops can be used)


1. Lay the hula hoops out as shown the in the attachment.

2. Explain the rules of Paper, Rock, Scissors
- Paper beats Rock, (paper covers rock). To be paper hold your hand out flat with your palm facing down
- Rock beats Scissors, (rock blunts scissors). To be a rock, make a fist
- Scissors beats Paper, (scissors cut paper). To be scissors, with your second a middle fingers extended making a cutting action

3. Split the Cubs into 2 teams and line one team up in front of the hoop labelled "A" and the other in front of the hoop labelled "B".

4. On the word "go" the first player in each team "kangaroo" hops from hoop to hoop until they meet the player from the opposite team.

5. The 2 players then have a game of "paper, rock, scissors", if they draw the play again. the losing person goes to the back of their team , while the winning player continues on their way, as soon as the losing player is back to their team the next player from that team sets off until they meet the opposing team member, where they again play paper, rock, scissors".

6. The game continues as above, each time a player reaches the opposing teams end they score a point for their team.

7. Tell the Cubs speed is of the essence, when returning to their team as well hopping into each hoop, so they can cover as much ground as possible before meeting the opposing team play

If you so wish you can make the playing area bigger by adding more hoops


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