Wheely Night

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Invite Beavers to bring along their choice of 'wheels'. These could be bikes, scooters, skates, skate boards.
They must also bring the appropriate safety items helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads and any hi-viz items they may have.
Long trousers and long sleeves should be worn.


A suitable tarmac surface or similar
Cones to mark out a course and, try some obstacles e.g. low ramps for variety.
Hi-Viz vests.
Stop watches if you plan time trials.
1st Aid kit.


Make sure the area is safe - as we would use part of a car park for our local park bloc off an area to keep cars away and ensure that there are sufficient leader to patrol it.
Set up your course, you might decide on more than one course depending on the variety of wheels.
Sort out your teams and start the course. You might chose to send Beavers off at timed intervals to avoid any bunching and accidents.
Be inventive with your challenges and have fun.



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