Codes and Ciphers

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As part of the Communicator "Code" activity, the cubs will take turns writing and cracking the codes and ciphers of other groups. The codes and ciphers can then be used on camps as well as an additional activity/part of a scavenger hunt.


- Lemon (or Lemon Juice)
- Paper
- Pens
- Paint brushes/cotton buds
- Heat source (eg. iron, lamp, campfire, tea-light) *CARE: Leader Supervision*
- Copies of each code/cipher (dependent on size of groups)


1. Split the cubs into three groups and send each group to one of the stations. The cubs will rotate through the three stations twice. On their first visit, they will be writing in the code/cipher. On the second, they will be cracking the code/cipher of another group.
2. Pig Pen Cipher (attached) - have the cubs write their favourite colour in the cipher provided.
3. Reverse Alphabet Cipher (attached) - have the cubs write their favourite animal in the cipher.
4. Lemon Juice/Invisible Ink - have the cubs write a 3-letter word in lemon juice, using either a cotton bud or paint brush.
5. Rotate the groups through each station again, ensuring they are cracking the codes of a different group.


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