Balloon Straw Rockets

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Make a rocket propelled by a balloon


Balloons, Sellotape, Scissors, Drinking Straw, scraps of paper for fins, tissue paper and foil cut in long strips for tails.


Cut the thick part off of a balloon.
Slip the remaining neck of the balloon on to the end of the drinking straw and secure with Sellotape (make sure it can leak air)
Cut 3 small fins and attach these, one at a time, to the other end of the drinking straw; leave sufficient room to get your lips around as you will need to blow the balloon up.
Near to where you attached the balloon to the straw stick tails on using Sellotape.
Now blow the balloon up, stop the air escaping by putting your finger over the mouth end of the drinking straw.
Hold your rocket up in the air and let go.
It should fly by being propelled by the air escaping.



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