Constellation Pin Picture

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Make a paper cover for a torch which has pin holes in the shape of a constellation e.g. Plough, Orion's Belt. Cassiopeia


Small pieces of paper (black on one side and white on the other works well) or you could try foil.
Piece of cardboard tube (toilet roll or part of - experiment yourself first)
Pictures of constellations
A dark screen to project on
A small, round torch
Elastic bands to fix paper to cardboard tube..
Map pin
A piece of sponge or similar so that they can get a good hole. (Washing up pads work well)


Give Beavers pictures to work from
Each Beaver needs to trace around the light end of the torch onto the paper or foil.
Inside this circle they need to put dots in the shape of the constellation.
Then put the paper onto the sponge and push the map pin through each of the pencil marks.
Now put the paper over the end of the cardboard tube, make sure it is nice and flat and secure with an elastic band.
Turn the torch on and shine it through the cardboard tube to project the constellation on to the screen.
Vary your distance from the screen - is there any difference?.



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